CST and SER Study Group

A Quarterly, Live, Hybrid (Virtual and In-Person) Study Group for CranioSacral Therapists and Students of the Upledger Institute International, facilitated by Suzanne Scurlock, CST-D

Upcoming 2024 Live Hybrid Study Groups

Bone Deep Wisdom: Clarity and Steadiness

March 2nd, 2024

Noon - 5 pm Eastern Time

Open to ALL CST levels (from CST 1 on up)

Investment: Only $89

Treating Dementia & Alzheimer’s Effectively

June 1, 2024

Noon - 5 pm Eastern Time

Open to ALL CST levels (from CST 1 on up)

Investment: Only $89

Vestibular Issues: Returning to Balance

September 14, 2024

Noon - 5 pm Eastern Time

Open to ALL CST levels (from CST 1 on up)

Investment: Only $89

Dying with Dignity

December 14, 2024

Noon - 5 pm Eastern Time

Open to ALL CST levels (from CST 1 on up)

Investment: Only $89

Details on Our Novel Hybrid Study Group

JOIN US as we pioneer a groundbreaking way to do advanced level study groups.

All the lectures, demos, and Q & A will be professionally filmed live over Zoom – as you watch from your location with a practice partner or two – or perhaps an entire study group!

Like all the Healing From the Core® courses, this study group will be recorded for future viewing and reviewing by registrants on our OTC (Online Training Center).

If you cannot attend live – no problem. Register now and you can watch it from the OTC and practice at another, more convenient time for you.

That's the beauty of this type of study group: the cost of registration gives you lifetime access to the video to watch as many times as you need so you will get all the nuances that you may have missed during the initial demonstration. Once the Study Group is over, the lecture, demo, and Q&A are uploaded to our Online Training Center (OTC) so you can revisit the material again and again until you feel confident to put the skills into practice.

This will be a circle dedicated to deepening your knowledge about all things CranioSacral – helping you step into mastering this amazing healing system. .

I am so excited to be offering this novel method of gathering together with a practice partner or more - wherever you are located. Let’s keep the energy of connection flowing between us, across the miles!

Our mission is to give each of you the opportunity to master this information. By utilizing the OTC students are able to review and refer back to this material, again and again — making mastery much more possible for those willing to practice.

Below is our 2023 schedule of quarterly study group titles and descriptions. We will continue to host them in the hybrid format that allows for us to reach everyone, no matter where you are – and allows for safe practice gatherings.

How to make the most of this study group: 

First, save the date and register to reserve your spot

  • Find a Certified Study Group Leader who is part of our group and may have one for you to join.

  • Create a peer study group in your area if you have the space to host a small group (see below)

  • Or simply find a partner to practice with –  another CST therapist, client, household member.

Are you a UII / IAHE Study Group Leader?

Then we have a special program just for you. Now that we have learned to stay safe AND gather in person, are you ready to start up your study group again? If so, we would love to welcome you to be part of our Hybrid Study Group program. 

Can’t find a UII Study Group Leader in your area?

If you are not able to find a UII / IAHE Study Group Leader within traveling distance, you may want to consider creating a peer study group in your local area, made up of eligible colleagues. Depending on how many people you gather together, you may be eligible for a percentage discount on your tuition. Please contact the Healing from the Core office for more details.

Regaining A Deeper Sense of Well-being for Increased Vitality: How to Effectively Address Lingering Chronic Health Challenges

Open to ALL CST levels (from CST 1 on up)

Are you treating more and more people with symptoms that range from nagging  - to exhausting - all the way to debilitating at certain times?

And yet their test results are confusing at best and inconclusive at worst?

Often these “mystery illnesses” came on after a viral episode, exposure to environmental toxins, or a bacterial infection that was “resolved”…but left them exhausted and confused…

Long Covid has increased the public recognition that these are legitimate issues – not psychiatric in nature…(although they can make the person feel a bit crazy due to the nature of the ongoing challenges) 

And speaking up about chronic long-term health issues that defy prior understanding is now more acceptable...and yet… 

How do we as hands-on therapists successfully treat these clients so that they regain that deeper sense of well-being and a return to feeling their vitality? 

Join us for an illuminating conversation about: 

  • Dialoguing with a depleted system and understanding how it affects their responses. 
  • Listening to their body at an organ system level and discerning where to begin optimally. 
  • Using meridians and chakras to rebuild strength. 
  • Understanding how the CranioSacral system can be stimulated to reinforce their foundational health level. 
  • Opening a dialogue to help them navigate their healthcare journey when they leave your session. 

Come join us as we peel away the layers of confusion to get to the core of healing for these often-confounding clients or patients. Help them leave your sessions more hopeful, energized and on a path to healing they could not see before your treatment session with them.

Open to ALL CST levels (from CST 1 on up)

Investment: Only $89

The Avenue of Expression: Mouthwork 2.0

Prerequisite - SER1

Do you find yourself feeling unsure or intimidated when it comes to incorporating Mouthwork into your craniosacral sessions? You're not alone. 

I have identified three main reasons why even experienced therapists can struggle with this advanced protocol.

First, given how intensely personal it is to work inside someone's mouth, it's understandable that some clients may feel uneasy about it, even if they have worked with you before. 

Second, some therapists may carry an underlying fear of triggering old hidden trauma in clients' mouths or even having their own oral trauma issues arise. This fear can cause them to pull back even when Mouthwork is necessary and clearly indicated. 

Third, therapists may be worried that they did not get all the important details right when they first learned these protocols across CST 2 and SER 1. I will be walking through all of it again for you in this study group and you will have professionally filmed video footage to watch and rewatch in order to master these skills. 

I want to help you feel confident and comfortable offering your clients the full benefits of craniosacral therapy which includes a full range of powerful Mouthwork. 

My unique Hybrid Study Group will give you the tools and techniques you need to introduce this vital set of skills to your tool chest.  Not only that, but you will also have lifetime access to the video to watch as many times as you need so you will get all the nuances that you may have missed during your initial training as well as lots of time to get all your questions answered. This means you can safely and effectively use these skills when you enter the practice portion of the study group.

Plus, you'll learn my 5 additional techniques for working with the Avenue of Expression, as well as a review of the Hyoid Release, Direction of Energy, Hard Palate Protocol, and much more. 

This allows you to end this study session feeling confident in your ability to facilitate Mouthwork, so you can introduce it to your clients in an easy and approachable manner. 

Remember - you have lifetime access to the lecture, demo, and Q&A session on our Online Training Center so you can revisit the material again and again until you feel confident to put the skills into practice.

Prerequisite - SER1

Investment: Only $89

Reclaim Your Sacrum – Reclaim Your Power

Open to ALL CST levels (from CST 1 on up)

Come discover Suzanne’s best clinical gems - gleaned across forty years of CranioSacral practice and teaching - for effectively working with the Sacrum and all of the trauma that can be locked there.

She will be sharing practical skills such as:

  • Hand positions that are easier on you, the therapist
  • Timing and palpation skills that tell you when deep healing has occurred 
  • How your own physiology affects treatment outcomes

And, ultimately, the magic arises when you combine these skills with the ability to magnify the empowered presence in your own sacrum.

The Sacrum is our Seat of Power. Home to the root chakra, it’s a major gateway to the body’s energy flow. And its health or dis-ease affects every aspect of our being — physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.

The word "sacrum", meaning "sacred" in Latin, lives on in English anatomy as the name for the large heavy bone at the base of the spine. The Romans called the bone the "os sacrum," which literally meant the "holy bone" and the Greeks termed it the "hieron osteon," the same thing, the "holy bone".

“My own sacrum was broken in my first delivery,” she says. “That journey of recovery led me to a 30-year study of its deep anatomy and physiology, along with many realms of effective energy healing.”

Suzanne will demonstrate how to use CST combined with the therapist's own sacral embodiment to deepen and anchor powerful treatment protocols.

This potent study group will begin by cultivating inner awareness that releases, energizes, and reclaims your own sacrum as a therapist, which opens doors to more effective treatment sessions with all your clients and patients.

She will then add hands-on techniques that improve your palpation skills — and your client outcomes.

Investment: Only $89

Facilitated Segments: Releasing the Dural Tube

Come discover how "releasing the facilitated segment” can be the missing link to back pain relief.

Have you ever performed a terrific session on a client who’d been struggling with chronic back pain — only to find the issue return again and again?

Chances are you overlooked the missing link to relieving back pain for good: releasing the facilitated segment.

Becoming masterful at resolving issues below the cranium, allows you to get to the root of longstanding spinal pain.

Investment: Only $89

Treating Post COVID

In this strange new world we now all inhabit, many of us are seeing clients come in with issues that are new to them after having COVID. 

They often report:

  • Excessive exhaustion
  • Headaches 
  • General body aches and pains
  • Difficulty getting a deep breath
  • Stamina has not returned
  • General loss of resilience

How can we as good healthcare providers offer treatments that make a significant positive difference in their systems? How can we expand our therapeutic vision beyond our traditional Energy Cyst arcing? How can we listen in a way that includes their whole system?

How can we perhaps combine what we know with what is emerging about COVID and the long-haul issues that arise for a lot of people Post-COVID?

Join me and enter a rich discussion about how we can keep current with what is happening and be effective as therapists in today’s world?

Investment: Only $89

Dialoguing With the Brain

Many of us think of the brain and its many structures, membranes, fluids and complexity as an overwhelming task when it comes to dialoguing.

Finding your way within the rich energy field of the brain can bring up all kinds of questions and perhaps self-doubt about your skills.

And… there is much to learn here that will be healing for the people in your practice. However, questioning what words need to be said where is often counterproductive

In fact, the brain is like any other structure in the body – the same guidelines apply for dialoguing with a couple of special considerations which we will be going into in detail in this mentoring day.

People entering our practices with head injuries from birth trauma, falls, sports activities, car accidents, and surgeries, and any other possible injury to the brain…

All deserve the treatment that is one of the most effective for speeding up healing and releasing layers of trauma.

You'll learn:

When and how to engage with the brain and the trauma it has been through... and whether to do it immediately… wait a particular amount of time… or when to ask for a release from the person’s doctor.

What to do when brain problems and trauma originate elsewhere in the body (and how to assess and treat this issue).

How often the standard 10-step protocol comes into play where the brain is concerned... and how and when to use it as a part of a whole treatment.

When to bypass certain parts of the 10-step protocol.

How to create a treatment plan for this complex issue...

So you'll know how many sessions a client may need in order to experience full healing. And how to gauge this in an ethical manner without making false promises.

You’ll learn all of this and much more as we go deep on this important topic.

Prerequisite: SER 1

Investment: Only $89

SER, Meridians and Yin Organs

Back in the ’80s when the cranial field was still young, “energy” was such an exotic topic that we used to call it the “E Word” in our classes. :-)

Yet Dr. John, brilliant man that he was, understood that energy and matter were two ends of the same spectrum.

And he believed — if you truly want to effect healing change in the body — you must master your skills at working with its energy systems as well.

That’s why meridians, their organ systems, and the principles of Chinese Medicine play such an important role in nearly every CranioSacral session.

The problem?

There’s never enough time in class to learn how to use them in a deep and lasting way. Mastery requires being mentored, then practice, getting to ask questions and practice again.

Here’s a bit of everything you’ll learn ...

  • Find out why meridians and their organ systems are something I integrate in a comprehensive CranioSacral session frequently. (If you’re making them only a small part of your sessions, you’re making a BIG MISTAKE.)

  • Learn how to quickly and accurately assess the 6 Yin acupuncture organs: the Liver, Kidneys, Lungs, Spleen, Heart and Pericardium.

  • Discover how to significantly improve your clients’ immune systems — and their quality of life — by weaving the Meridians into your Dialogue & Imagery, Direction of Energy and patient education.

  • Learn each of the elements in Chinese 5 Element Acupuncture … and how they can point to your clients’ issues based on the season of the year. It’s like having x-ray vision that quickly gets to lasting solutions.

Prerequisite: SER 1

Investment: Only $89

Healing the Heart

Do you want to explore ways to inhabit all your heart – so that you can be present fully for yourself, your loved ones, and your clients? 


The heart is a much studied and talked about topic in the healing world, yet the deeper support for living with a compassionate and open heart is often still a mystery.  

This study group will explore the foundation of healing the heart – for your clients, and all those you touch. 

We will also explore your own heart – through lecture and experiential exercises – how to embody throughout your entire heart – the depth and nuances of what the heart has to offer - from our deepest pain, to vulnerability, to inspiration and creativity. 

From there we explore how to have a grounded presence that can hold, connect deeply, and facilitate healing for your clients – all while maintaining healthy boundaries. 

Suzanne will cover multiple case studies that illuminate how the healing in the heart of a client can be facilitated with gentle, yet powerful, grounded presence. 

  • Clients with physical challenges to their heart health - that want more energy flow and healing to occur.  

  • Clients suffering from deep grief and loss. 

  • Clients whose heart is closed and tight due to past trauma. 

  • Clients whose heart is has been drained by their life’s circumstances (such as enduring a long-term narcissistic relationship). 

  • Clients caring for a dying loved one – where the passing may not happen for years. 

Areas explored will include: 

  • How each therapist can prepare themselves, their own energy reservoirs, for working with different aspects of full-hearted living. 

  • Taking a baseline in grounded awareness - what is your foundation? 

  • Vulnerability and its role in creativity as well as full-hearted presence. 

  • The deep heart and front of the heart - their differences and how they work together. 

  • The role of the bones, feet, legs, and pelvis in supporting the heart. 

  • How the adrenals and kidneys support the heart. 

  • The power of a healthy belly - heart connection in therapeutic presence. 

  • Assisting clients to drop deeper into their bodies for a sense of safety, clear thinking, and creativity as their hearts open and heal. 

Come join Suzanne for an afternoon of in-depth learning!

Date: December 9th, 2023

Time: Noon - 5 pm Eastern Time 

Open to ALL CST levels (from CST 1 on up) 

Investment: Only $89

Bone Deep Wisdom: Clarity and Steadiness 

March 2, 2024

Noon - 5 pm Eastern Time

Open to ALL CST levels (from CST 1 on up)

“That inner voice has both gentleness and clarity. So to get to authenticity, you really keep going down to the bone, to the honesty, and the inevitability of something.” Meredith Monk

Join Suzanne for an afternoon of delving into the practices and tools that enable CST therapists to effectively and more easily resolve issues for better clinical outcomes.

Our bones offer us a particular kind of wisdom that is vital in today’s chaotic, sometimes overwhelming world. It is the gift of being able to feel steady when emotions are overwhelming as well as the gift of being able to see things clearly when issues feel muddy and confusing.

The ramifications of being in our bones, particularly in times of turmoil, are that we can become an oasis of calm, a beacon of clear light, when the world feels murky.

As CST therapists, this is a vital part of how we treat and how we can be successful year after year.

When you know how to embody in your bones while in therapeutic mode the results are remarkable.

The clarity in palpation and your inner vision is also significantly expanded and sharpened.

Come discover the tools and practices Suzanne has developed over her 30+ years of teaching and practicing CST and SER.

She will be weaving together the skills she teaches in Healing From the Core with practical down-to-earth clinical applications for all CST therapists.

Date: March 2nd, 2024

Time: Noon - 5 pm Eastern Time 

Open to ALL CST levels (from CST 1 on up) 

Investment: Only $89